Super 6

SCROLL DOWN FOR SUPER 6 CARDS: Many versions of the Super 6 can be found by searching on the web. In this version, preferred in NSW, six metacognitive thinking strategies assist students to actively process ideas while reading. This active processing allows students to move information into their long term memories and transform their new learning into personal insights, individual note making or new formats. Connecting, predicting, questioning, monitoring, summarising and visualising - these six 'super' skills form a repertoire for actively processing text and making meaning. When we share these skills with students - and name the skills so students can name and use them independently - students greatly improve their reading comprehension and inferential reading skills. This website brings together materials found on the web, to form a basic introduction to the Super 6. Your own Department of Education will provide extensive, in depth training. A student blog, blog resources, planning grid, worksheets and Celebrating Us teaching unit show in a practical way how these Super 6 skills assist in personalising and processing information. Take a peek at the Celebrating Us overview here. Inferential reading skills can be supported by writing tasks & inferring tasks based on  image cards . The websites below show the Super 6 in lesson ideas.,,,, [Samira Chami]
Christine Fraser's Super 6 and modelled reading lessons for primary English:

Teaching Comprehension Strategies: Curriculum K-12
Lizzie Chase
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